PreTect SEE

PreTect SEE is ideal as a quality control test for NILM cytology. It is an assay for the qualitative detection of the presence of Human Papillomavirus, HPV, E6/E7 oncogene mRNA from carcinogenic HPV types 16, 18 and 45.

PreTect SEE shows high clinical specificity, supported by a low positive rate in the general population.

This CE-IVD kit identify women that have carcinogenic expression of high-risk HPV types that may induce cervical cancer. Co-testing with PreTect SEE and Cytology will therefore improve the existing screening program sensitivity without an excessive follow-up workload.

With its high capacity and low cost the test is also ideal as stand-alone test in low-income countries.




Clinical Benefits

  • Qualitative detection of E6/E7 mRNA expression from HPV 16, 18, 45
  • Intrinsic sample control ensuring sample adequacy
  • High clinical specificity minimising unnecessary interventions
  • High PPV for CIN2+
  • Low positivity rate in general population
  • CE-IVD kit
  • Enhanches identification of cervical adenocarcinoma


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Individual HPV genotyping E6/E7 mRNA HPV 16, 18 and 45
Intrinsic Sample Control (ISC): Targeting mRNA from housekeeping gene
Sample type: Cervical samples
Preservatives: PreTect TM (PreTect AS)
  PreservCyt/ThinPrep (Hologic)
  SurePath (BD Diagnostics)
Input-material: Isolated Nucleic Acid (DNA/RNA)*
Technology: Real time NASBA
  Isothermal amplification (41°C)
  Four specific molecular beacons
Format: 96-well PCR plate
  Pre-filled with reagents
Assay time: ~ 150 minutes
Instrumentation: Fluorescence reader /
  RT-PCR (CFX-96/QuantStudio5)