Cystatin C Immunoassay

Cystatin C testing 

Cystatin C is a well-known marker used for both acute and chronic kidney diseases (CKD), and the marker is recommended by KDIGO and NICE [1-3].

Why measure cystatin C?

  • Avoiding the creatinine blind area

  • Cystatin C equations do not need to adjust for race/ethnicity [4-7]

  • Independent of muscle mass

  • Improved accuracy when selecting the dose of  important drugs

Webinar: Why choose the Gentian Cystatin C immunoassay?

Short webinar discussing cystatin C advantages, avian antibodies and turbidimetric efficiency:

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Gentian Cystatin C advantages 

  • Particle-Enhanced Turbidimetric Immunoassay (PETIA)
  • ERM-DA471/IFCC standardised
  • FDA510 (k) cleared and CE-marked
  • Serum and plasma samples
  • Rapidly performed in only 10 minutes
  • Can be applied on a wide range of automated clinical chemistry analysers
  • Avian antibodies – less interference

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Cystatin C immunoassay brochure



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