AACC webinar about kidney markers, cystatin C and SPS

11. Jun 2020 | 2 min read

AACC webinar about kidney markers, cystatin C and SPS

Webinar* available until 1st September 2020

Have you watched the AACC webinar with Dr Anders Grubb focusing in renal biomarkers yet? In this webinar, supported by Gentian, Dr Grubb (MD, PhD, Professor in Clinical Chemistry, Lund University), will first emphasis on the pros and cons of cystatin C as a kidney biomarker. He is explaining is view on how the best estimation of GFR is obtained by using the average value of a cystatin C-based and a creatinine-based GFR estimating equation, before his focus will be on a previously unidentified kidney disorder, called shrunken pore syndrome (SPS).  


  • Learn when and why you should measure cystatin C
  • Learn the best way to estimate GFR by using eGFRcystatin C and eGFRcreatinine
  • Understand how to diagnose shrunken pore syndrome (SPS)
  • Learn about the drastic increase in mortality in patients suffering from SPS

Register to watch the webinar for free here. The webinar is available until September 1st. 2020. Please sign up through www.aacc.org.


Anders Grubb, MD, PhD
Professor in Clinical Chemistry, Lund University, Sweden

Learn more about cystatin C

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* Supported by Gentian

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