New article about calprotectin in Scientific Reports

11. Mar 2020 | 2 min read

New article about calprotectin in Scientific Reports

Calprotectin, a new biomarker for diagnosis of acute respiratory infections*


This article presents results from a study with aim to investigate the performance of calprotectin as a marker for bacterial infections and its possibility to distinguish between bacterial, mycoplasma, and viral respiratory tract infections. Diagnostic performance of calprotectin in respiratory tract infections has been compared with the performance of heparin binding protein (HBP) and procalcitonin (PCT).

The study has found significantly higher plasma calprotectin values in patients with bacterial respiratory infections (pneumonia, tonsillitis, or mycoplasma) than in patients with viral respiratory infections or healthy controls. The overall clinical performance of calprotectin in the distinction between bacterial and viral respiratory infections, including mycoplasma has shown greater performance than of PCT and HBP. Therefore, rapid determination of calprotectin may improve the management of respiratory tract infections and allow more precise diagnosis and selective use of antibiotics.


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Aleksandra M. Havelka*, Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery, Karolinska Institute, Sweden and Gentian Diagnostics AB, Sweden

Kristina Sejersen, Per Venge & Anders Larsson, Department of Medical Sciences, Clinical Chemistry, Uppsala University, Sweden 

Karlis Pauksens, Department of Medical Sciences, Infectious Disease, Uppsala University, Sweden 

*Aleksandra M. Havelka is employed by Gentian Diagnostics AB, Sweden. Other authors declare no competing interests.


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