Celebrating 20 years of diagnostic efficiency

16. Aug 2021 | 4 min read

Celebrating 20 years of diagnostic efficiency


When Gentian was founded on 16th of August 2001 by the Sundrehagen brothers, Bård and Erling, we were not able to foresee our future growth. Thanks to the dedication and strong commitment by our employees over the years, Gentian has established itself as a leader in Particle-Enhanced Turbidimetric Immunoassay (PETIA) development. Today Gentian is an international company with a staff of over 50 employees. 

Today we will celebrate!


“On August 16th 2001 Erling and Bard Sundrehagen founded Gentian. This new company was built with expertise and experience and today we are a globally acting technology innovator for clinical laboratories. I am proud to be part of the Gentian team and together we continuously aim to innovate diagnostic efficiency for better treatment decisions.”

Hilja Ibert, CEO

"It is now 20 years since my brother Bård and myself established Gentian Diagnostics. From a modest start, the company built new sensitive technologies which enabled measurements of new and established diagnostic markers on open instrument platforms. Gentian has supplied the market with high quality cystatin C immunoassay since 2006. We are also the first company developing turbidimetric assays of markers from faecal extracts. We have also developed the first turbidimetric assay of serum and plasma calprotectin. And now we are developing the first high-sensitivity homogeneous NT-proBNP assay. Please join Gentian Diagnostics in the further development of sensitive assays on open platforms, enabling high-capacity diagnosis and treatment at affordable costs in all parts of the world."

Erling Sundrehagen, Co-founder and CSO

"From the very beginning we emphasised contribution to diagnostic efficiency in laboratory medicine worldwide. Today's Gentian is the result of strong focus, and the 2021 team is so full of relevant competence and resources. Gentian has a bright future"

Bård Sundrehagen, Co-founder

 About Gentian 

Gentian develops and manufactures high-quality, in vitro diagnostic reagents. Our expertise and focus lies within immunochemistry, specifically infections, inflammations, kidney failures and congestive heart failures. By converting existing and clinically relevant biomarkers to the most efficient automated, high-throughput analysers, the company contributes to saving costs and protecting life. Gentian is based in Moss, Norway, serving the global human and veterinary diagnostics markets through sales and representative offices in Sweden, USA and China.


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