Cystatin C at ASN Kidney Week 2022

31. Oct 2022 | 3 min read

Cystatin C at ASN Kidney Week 2022

Visit the Cystatin C company at Kidney Week at booth #1526

We look forward to Kidney Week 2022. Bring your questions regarding cystatin C to booth 1526. Having worked with cystatin C assays since 2001, we are the experts on standardized (ERM-DA471/IFCC) turbidimetric cystatin C immunoassays. 


Gentian's cystatin C immunoassay:

  • Developed and manufactured by Gentian
  • Open channel assay
  • Manufactured according to ISO 13485:2016
  • FDA510(k) cleared since 2008
  • IVDR-certified

gentian at ASN Kidney Week 2022 #KidneyWK



NKF-ASN Task Force: Recommends increased use of cystatin C

Based on input collected over 10 months from hundreds of patients, patient advocates, medical students, clinicians and scientists, the NKF-ASN Task Force: Reassessing the Inclusion of Race in Diagnosing Kidney Diseases published its final report on September 23, 2021, recommending the "increased use of cystatin C combined with serum creatinine, as a confirmatory assessment of GFR or kidney function."

One key advantage of measuring cystatin C in addition to creatinine stems from the fact that cystatin C is less susceptible to factors that affect muscle mass (age, diet, race, sex, physical activity, etc.). Cystatin C is ubiquitously expressed through all nucleated cells. Individuals with similar kidney function can therefore be expected to have similar serum concentrations of cystatin C. This means that equations used for calculating GFR do not depend on an individual’s muscle mass or race. 

To learn more come visit our stand #1526


Cystatin C assay on instruments already in your lab

The assay can be applied on a wide range of clinical chemical analysers with documented high inter-instrument accuracy for serum and plasma samples. This means that Gentian’s Cystatin C immunoassay can be added to your laboratory test menu without additional investment in instrumentation.


validation kit cystatin c


Get in touch for more information or book a meeting 

Interested in more information about Gentian and our cystatin C assay? Please fill out the form below or send an email to



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