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Our Company

We Innovate Diagnostic Efficiency

Gentian develops and manufactures high quality, in vitro diagnostic (IVD) reagents for a wide range of clinical chemistry analysers. Our product lines of laboratory tests, for diverse diagnostic targets, provide high accuracy and fast results for both human and veterinary healthcare.


We believe that our innovative and accurate diagnostic products lead to improved laboratory efficiency, better decision making in the clinical setting and therefore can improve patients’ outcomes.

Innovative Products – Global Reach

Gentian performs production, R&D, marketing and distribution from our headquarters in Moss, Norway and our representative offices. We serve the global market for human and veterinary medical diagnostic tests via our OEM partners and key distributors as well as directly through Gentian Diagnostics AB, our Swedish based distribution subsidiary. Our approach is collaborative and adaptable, without compromising quality, in order to meet our customers needs.

Our reagents are developed using avian antibodies and our proprietary NanoSense technology. Importantly, they can be adapted for use on all major clinical chemistry analysers. Our current products cover renal function and inflammatory diseases. Our pipeline of products covers diverse diagnostic areas including cardiovascular diseases, viral infections and cancer diagnostics.

Gentian at a Glance




Quality & Accuracy

On-time delivery

After-Sales support

Gentian Quality

Quality is at the core of our everyday work and is a driving factor in achieving diagnostic efficiency.


All companies in the Gentian Diagnostics group continuously evaluate and improve their operations to increase the satisfaction of our customers, employees, owners and the markets we operate in. We make sure that every new product meets the highest performance standards.

Quality Management System

Gentian integrates its Quality Management System and Design Control Standards within all areas of the company, including Research, Development and Production.

Certifications Company
ISO13485:2016Gentian AS
ISO13485:2012PreTect AS

Company Structure

Gentian Diagnostics AS is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and consists of two subsidiaries; Gentian AS and PreTect AS. Gentian AS is headquartered in Moss, Norway with a representative office in China and with distribution subsidiaries; Gentian USA, Inc. and Gentian Diagnostics AB (Sweden).

The Gentian Diagnostics companies have interdisciplinary and international teams working on global solutions to improve clinical accuracy.

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