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Particle-Enhanced Turbidimetric Immunoassays (PETIA) on instruments already in your lab

Highly sensitive clinical chemistry assays

Through years of research into Particle-Enhanced Turbidimetric Immunoassays (PETIA), production processes and raw material specifications, including nanoparticle qualities and antibody production, we have developed our own proprietary antibody and nanoparticle-based technology. This enables us to develop highly sensitive clinical chemistry immunoassays.

Applying this technology to our product pipelines allows us to develop reagents for biomarkers that are currently measured using separation-based techniques, creating both time and financial savings in the healthcare industry.

Developing clinically relevant immunoassays

At Gentian, we continuously invest in research and development to offer relevant and innovative immunoassays. As a manufacturer for both industry partners and end users, we are adaptable to collaborate in all phases of research and product development. By collaborating with Gentian, our partners can increase their test portfolio without an additional R&D infrastructure. All research, development and manufacturing are performed in-house at our HQ in Norway. 


Gentian - diagnostics test. open channel clinical chemistry assay


On instruments already in your lab

We aim to launch products available for all major clinical chemistry platforms currently on the market. This means that Gentian’s immunoassays can be added to your laboratory test menu without additional investment in instrumentation. 

Gentian diagnostics

The current portfolio of diagnostic reagents

Cystatin C immunoassay
Cystatin C

The Gentian Cystatin C Immunoassay is available for a wide range of clinical analysers with high inter instrument accuracy.

Calprotectin in plasma and serum. Blood test for calprotectin levels
GCAL® Calprotectin

The Gentian GCAL® Calprotectin Immunoassay measures calprotectin in plasma and serum in the assessment of inflammation and severe infection.

Canine CRP immunoassay. Test for CRP in dogs
Canine CRP

The Gentian Canine CRP Immunoassay is a PETIA for quantitative analysis of CRP using canine specific antibodies.

Sars-Cov-2 Total Antibody.
SARS-CoV-2 Total antibody

Captures the full immune response detecting antibodies targeting the S1-subunit with high sensitivity and specificity.

Retinol-Binding Protein

The Gentian RBP assay for quantitative detection of Retinol Binding Protein in human serum and plasma.

Avian antibodies for improved sensitivity

Gentian’s assays incorporate immunoparticles that have been manufactured with avian antibodies. Phylogenetic differences between chickens and humans ensure minimal cross-reactivity of antibodies against rheumatoid factor and proteins of the complement system. As a result, Gentian’s immunoparticles provide both increased sensitivity and decreased background signal when used in turbidimetric assays. 

Blood test. Avian antibodies for less interference

Turbidimetric test. Clinical chemistry

Turbidimetric tests

Clinical chemistry for faster throughput and results

Faster throughput

Open channel - clinical chemistry

Open channel

clinical chemistry - fast results and cost efficient

10 minutes to result

Cost efficient immunoassay - diagnostic testing

Cost efficient

Avian antibodies for less interference

Avian Antibodies

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