Beckman Coulter and Gentian extend their cooperation in the expanding business in the field of renal testing

03. Jul 2019 | 3 min read

Moss, 03.07.2019

Gentian Diagnostics is pleased to announce the signing of a 6 year extension to the global reagent supply agreement with Beckman Coulter for the Gentian Cystatin C Immunoassay. The companies have provided this test together globally for 10 years, with consistent sales growth.

Gentian, the developer and manufacturer of the reagents, partners with Beckman Coulter for distribution of the cystatin C products to their customers for use on AU, IMMAGE, and Synchron instrumentation. Using this model, Gentian reaches a large number of laboratories globally, and Beckman Coulter is secured the delivery of a high-quality kidney function test to their customers. Such a collaboration serves the purpose of growing both companies in the area of renal testing, and patients and clinicians are offered the opportunity to the market´s most accurate kidney function assessment. Measuring cystatin C in blood is a superior method of evaluating human kidney function, without impact from other lifestyle factors that commonly affect kidney filtration biomarkers.

Dr. Hilja Ibert, CEO of Gentian Diagnostics said: “I am very pleased to extend our partnership with Beckman Coulter. The mutual desire for signing a long- term agreement illustrates how important it is to collaborate to bring high quality diagnostic tests to a demanding and wide-spread market. Beckman Coulter is exactly the kind of partner that Gentian is set up to serve”

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For further information, please contact:

Hilja Ibert CEO, Gentian Diagnostics AS
Cell Phone: +47 919 05 242

Njaal Kind CFO, Gentian Diagnostics AS
Cell Phone: +47 919 06 525


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