Moss, 3 November 2021
Gentian Diagnostics ASA is pleased to announce that the results from the multicenter study “Circulating levels of calprotectin, a signature of neutrophil activation in prediction of severe respiratory failure in COVID‑19 patients: a multicenter, prospective study (CalCov study)” are published in the scientific journal “Inflammation Research”. The study has been conducted in collaboration with four hospitals in Spain, with the aim to investigate the role of calprotectin in prediction of disease severity, including need for mechanical ventilation and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) admission in patients with Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).
The study population included 395 patients presented at four Spanish hospitals of which 57 (14.4%) required invasive mechanical ventilation and 100 (25.3%) were admitted to an ICU. Calprotectin levels were measured at the admission to emergency department and were significantly higher in patients who developed severe respiratory failure (3.73 mg/L vs. 2.63 mg/L; p < 0.001) and/or were admitted to the ICU (3.48 mg/L vs. 2.60 mg/L; p = 0.001). In a multivariate analysis, serum calprotectin was an independent predictor of need for invasive mechanical ventilation and ICU admission.
The authors conclude that the study results support the association of neutrophil activation, characterised by elevated calprotectin levels, with COVID-19 severity. They suggest use of calprotectin in risk stratification at an early stage in patients presented at the emergency department. In a situation with overwhelmed ICUs and limited resources in healthcare systems, an early identification of patients on risk of severe respiratory failure, requiring critical care management, is of key importance. The assessment of calprotectin in combination with other clinical data can be useful for fast triage, timely allocation and effective care of COVID-19 patients.
For further information please see the enclosed research paper.
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