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Moss, 06.11.2017

Gentian Diagnostics has since 2015 developed a new generation of devices- and measurement methods to monitor the treatment of patients with HIV infections. The devices are used to quantitate lymphocytes carrying so called CD4 receptors, in addition they will quantitate the number of HIV virus particles in blood samples. The project received EUROSTARS status and funding from 2016.

Gentian has been informed by the PCT (The Patent Cooperation Treaty) authority that our international patent application; PCT/EP2016/067639 entitled "Method for assessing cell surface receptors of blood cells", is patentable in its entire set of claims. The patent application will now enter the national and regional phases, where validated patents will be issued in the designated nations and regions.

This patent covers the use of a new vertical flow technology for quantitation of CD4-positive lymphocytes, therefore avoiding the expensive and cumbersome flow cytometry technology now in use.

The life expectancy of HIV and AIDS patients has improved during recent years resulting in an increased demand for more active monitoring of patients under treatment. To meet the increasing patient monitoring load, new diagnostic tools are required, which are reasonably priced and easy to use.

Presently "Flow Cytometry" methods are in use for quantitation of CD4 positive lymphocytes, and slow and expensive molecular diagnostics methods are used to quantify the HIV virus particles in blood. Patients under anti-virus treatment are recommended to be tested 1 to 4 times per year.

WHO estimates the number of tests sold for CD4 testing to be 25 million tests per year, mostly using Flow Cytometry testing. Gentian believes that our technology could potentially give faster results at a lower price and with a reduced work load compared to flow cytometry.

The project is now in early clinical testing phase, and Gentian will report the technical, clinical and business development of the project in the coming quarterly reports from our company.

Commenting on the news, CEO Bård Sundrehagen:

"Gentian is pleased to report that the International Patent Organization acknowledges the patentability of our invention. Our products have the potential to change todays methods for diagnosing and monitoring HIV infections and may contribute to improving patient treatment and our healthcare systems".


For further information, please contact:
Bård Sundrehagen CEO, Gentian Diagnostics AS
Cell Phone: +47 924 14 117


Gentian Diagnostics AS is a medical diagnostics company listed on Merkur Market, Oslo Stock Exchange with the ticker "GENT-ME".

Gentian is headquartered in Moss, Norway, with a representative office in China and distribution subsidiaries in Sweden and USA.

Gentian designs, develops and markets in vitro diagnostic reagents (IVD) based on its proprietary Nanosense technology. The goal is to offer efficient and accurate reagents for major clinical chemistry platforms with a focus within the areas of kidney disease, cardiac disease, inflammation and veterinary medicine. The Nanosense technology will enable users to move assays from low volume immunology platforms to fully automated, high throughput instruments with shorter turnaround times, better workflow and improved cost efficiency.


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