The use of Gentian’s canine CRP immunoassay

13. Feb 2020 | 7 min read

The use of Gentian’s canine CRP immunoassay

CRP is a major acute phase protein in dogs and the measurement of canine CRP is therefore important in diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory disorders in dogs. The Gentian Canine CRP Immunoassay is specific for dogs since the antibodies are produced by immunising hens with a purified canine CRP antigen.

Canine CRP in the clinical setting

Canine CRP can not only be analysed to detect and quantitate the degree of systemic inflammation, but also to monitor the treatment response of the patient dog1-3. If the cause of inflammation is successfully removed, the serum CRP levels drop rapidly due to its short half-life (about 19 hours)1,4. The levels of CRP will thus directly reflect the extent of inflammation.

Compared to classical inflammation markers, such as WBC (white blood cell count) and ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate), CRP has been shown to have higher sensitivity and better monitoring abilities5-7. In therapy monitoring, CRP levels drop more rapidly compared to WBS and ESR when the patient dog receives efficient treatment8.

Due to the fast expression of canine CRP in cases of inflammation, CRP is also often used for prognostic purposes9-11. CPR levels have proven especially suitable for monitoring dogs after surgery when they are especially prone to infection12,13.

canine crp immunoassay. Photo credit: Helena Lopez, pexel


Canine CRP in the laboratory setting

Canine CRP is, in contrast to human CRP, glycosylated at two of five subunits of the CRP protein14. One of the major benefits of the Gentian Canine CRP assay is the use of canine-specific CRP antibodies produced using the CRP antigen from canine origin in the immunisation process. This leads to antibodies with lower batch-to-batch variability than the CRP antibodies of human origin, as those might have varying degrees of cross-reactivity towards canine CRP15. In addition, since the Gentian Canine CRP Immunoassay utilises avian antibodies obtained from the egg yolk of immunised hens, the assay has the advantage of providing reduced interference with mammalian rheumatoid factors, mammalian IgG antibodies, and bacterial or mammalian Fc receptors, compared to assays utilising human/mammalian antibodies16.

The Gentian Canine CRP assay is rapidly performed in only 10 minutes and can be run on all major clinical chemistry instruments. The assay has a wide measuring range from 10-300 mg/L, with a security zone up to 1000 mg/L. Healthy dogs usually have levels below 10 mg/L with the Gentian Canine CRP assay. The CRP biomarker is often included in canine health screening profiles, at the same time as being offered as a stand-alone test.

Questions about our Canine CRP assay?

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Why Gentian Canine CRP Immunoassay?

  • Particle-Enhanced Turbidimetric Immunoassay (PETIA) for quantitation of CRP in canine serum and plasma
  • Canine-specific antibodies ensure consistent specificity to the canine CRP antigen
  • Avian origin of the antibodies contributes to reduced interference
  • Instrument-independent and verified for a wide range of clinical analysers


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