Clinical use of canine CRP - a customer story

01. Jun 2023 | 4 min read

Clinical use of canine CRP - a customer story

Canine CRP continuously available since 2013

The Gentian Canine CRP immunoassay is a Particle-Enhanced Turbidimetric Immunoassay (PETIA) utilising canine-specific antibodies for consistent results. The assay is instrument-independent and validated on a wide range of clinical analysers.


Canine CRP - a first-line test to diagnose and monitor inflammation

C-reactive protein (CRP) is a reliable and sensitive marker to detect and monitor systemic inflammation in dogs. As a first-line test Canine CRP is used to confirm or exclude systemic inflammation due to infection or other inflammatory conditions in symptomatic dogs. Following treatment, the assay provides the opportunity to evaluate response to therapy, as well as monitoring the course and development of disease.



Customer story:  Vet-Med-Labor Zrt. in Hungary

In the Gentian Customer Story series we present how some of our valuable customers incorporate our Canine CRP assay in both clinical and laboratory settings to improve diagnostic efficiency. Here we will present Vet-Med-Labor Zrt. in Budapest, Hungary. Vet-Med-Labor Zrt. was founded in 2003 with the aim to provide a good basis for quality veterinary health care for both small and large animal practices.

Vet-Med-Labor Zrt. is an established customer of Gentian who offers analyses of CRP in canine samples. They offer the test as part of a  panel of relevant canine-specific markers. The test is primarily ordered by veterinarians to assess inflammatory conditions in dogs. Vet-Med-Labor Zrt reports that the assay is accurate, reproducible and performs very well. The implementation of the assay ran smoothly, and the application itself was easy to set up using the instrument-specific application note.


“Our experience with Gentian as a supplier of the Canine CRP assay is very positive, as the assay is canine-specific and of high quality. We see that obtaining results fast and efficiently is appreciated both in the lab but of course also by the veterinarians treating the dogs with inflammatory conditions. Gentian delivers products fast, which is important as the demand is on the rise. We appreciate their technical support and recommend Gentian as a supplier.”

Dr. György Tamás Hegedűs
Managing Director
Vet-Med-Labor Zrt.


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Canine-specific antibodies

Utilising canine-specific antibodies in the production of the Gentian Canine CRP Immunoassay ensures a constant specificity towards canine CRP in patient samples, contributing to minimising the batch to batch variations. The canine-specific antibodies are of avian origin, obtained by isolating the antibody from egg yolk of hens immunised with canine CRP antigen.


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Canine CRP test



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