Webinar: Clinical value of cystatin C in drug dosing

24. Feb 2021 | 5 min read

Webinar: Clinical value of cystatin C in drug dosing

Clinical value of predicting renal elimination of medications with cystatin C

Welcome to the fourth webinar in Gentian's cystatin C webinar series. Our US Product Specialist, Shanyil Wickramasinghe, will focus on two real-world scenarios to illustrate the clinical value of incorporating cystatin C testing into medication dosing and monitoring protocols:

  • Personalising chemotherapeutic interventions through co-reporting of cystatin C and creatinine-based eGFRs

  • Cystatin C-guided dosing of vancomycin: A novel approach to achieving trough concentrations among ICU patients

Data presented in this webinar is collected from publications of independent research1-10.


Watch the webinar here: 

Cystatin C and drugdosing_webinar 9102v01

Watch webinar here

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